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IdeaFest is an annual creative festival that has inspire and connect creative communities to meet, share, and be inspired since 2011. HIGOspot Free WiFi is the official WiFi partner for IdeaFest. HIGO was contacted in order to provide WiFi for Online Ticketing, connectivity in Media Rooms & Event Classes, covering Network Blank Spots, not to mention for the 4.000 Visitors present in the event. Additionally, HIGOspot WiFi produced a deeper knowledge of the attendees through the collection of Social Profiles.


While IdeaFest works their magic with Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Students from all over Indonesia, the WiFi networks is utilizing 26 APs strategically placed throughout the two-floored building. Allocation of the APs is adjusted with the number of projected visitors in each area, utilizing the distribution of 24 Ubiquiti AP AC Pro and 2 Ubiquiti AP AC Outdoor to deliver a seamless and reliable WiFi experience and Social Media login.

Digital Marketing

Once visitors logged into HIGOspot Free WiFi, visitors are given choices to login with their Social Media, notably Facebook and Twitter, resulting in more than 1,100 Tweets of #ideafest2017 and an estimated 800 Facebook Post from more than 2,000 users through our Automated Social Media Campaign for the event.


The event pulls out an extensive growth on the customer profiles. During the 2-day event, the event cultivated more than 4.000 WiFi users with 24% Facebook Login, 39% Google Login, 29% Twitter Login, and 8% Phone Number Login respectively. HIGOspot WiFi allows visitors to keep in touch with their friends, improved event experience, upload videos and photos to their Social Media, such as Instagram, Facebook, and even Snapchat. Additionally, the event also provided a reliable customer profilling of thousands of people in the course of 2 days.


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